Thermal power stations

Steel Trade Bulgaria Ltd is a leader in construction and repair of sites in the field of electricity and heat generation.

We may offer you:

  • Installation and replacement of medium and high pressure pipelines
  • Heating surfaces
  • Replace screens; economizers; cubes for air heaters; drums; ball mills; air and blowers
  • Pedestrian and thermal insulation works at Thermal power station

Turbine repair

  • Rotary rotation
    • Thermal straightening of rotors
  • Thermal straightening of rotors
    • Pumps, fittings, regenerative steam heaters
  • Repair of electrical equipment – rewinding of generator rotors, repair of electric motors, etc.
  • Boiler workshop
    • Turbine workshop
    • Electric workshop
  • Energy Equipment Repair Base
    • Pedestrian and insulation
  • Department of Metal Control with a Defectoscopy Laboratory
  • Repair of power and heat generating steam generators and their auxiliary equipment, incl. hot and cold water, high pressure steam and hot water pipelines, fittings, fans, screw conveyors, auger and belt conveyors, gas pipelines, air ducts and others.
  • Repair of steam turbines and their ancillary equipment, incl. condensers, preheaters, pumps, fittings, coolers, etc.
  • Repair of electric filters for flue gas cleaning in warm electric plants, metallurgical furnaces, cement plants
  • Repair and construction of fireproof masonry, thermal insulation with plaster or galvanized lining, etc.
  • Repair and construction of external pipelines with pre-insulated pipes, installation of water-heating installations and substations
  • Production of spare parts for electrofilters